Did you know that you can donate money to your school and get a tax credit?

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Tax Credit Donations-A Win-Win Contribution

Arizona law allows taxpayers to contribute to schools-up to for an individual and for married couples-and recieve a tax credit for the donation.  A tax credit is a dollar-for dollar reduction of the taxes one owes to the state.  If, for example, a family owes to the Arizona Department of Revenue and they make a tax credit contribution of to TALA before December 31, the family's state taxes decreases to .  All Arizona taxpayers can take advantage of the school tax credit option, whether or not they have children in the school system.  They can also claim the donation as a deduction on their federal income taxes.

TALA is looking forward to being the school that many Tucson-area residents decide to contribute their tax credit money to this year.  The students have so much to gain, and there's no cost to the taxpayer.  It's a win-win contribution!

Funds raised will go towards:

Art supplies-paints, crayons, cloth, paper-just to name a few!

PE supplies-equipment that all students can enjoy!

School supplies-paper, pencils, tissues, handsoap-all these are always in need of replenishment!

Many, many more items!

Funds can be allocated directly to your child's class!


For further information, or to donate, please contact TALA at 882-9144.  You can also mail in your contribution to:

Tax Credit Donation, Tucson Academy of Leadership & Arts, Attention:  Prinicpal  210 East Broadway Boulevard  Tucson, AZ 85701

Checks should be made out to Global Education Foundation.

Thank you for your support!!